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Case study: AGC Biologics

Many employers are searching for effective self-help mental health tools that appeal to employees. AGC Biologics, a leading global Contract Development, and Manufacturing Organization with an extensive network of cGMP facilities in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, is one of them. 

The challenge

AGC Biologics has enjoyed hypergrowth during the pandemic, but its employees were suffering severe burnout, and the company was facing high attrition. In addition to the behavioral health coverage offered through the medical plan, AGC Biologics also offers an employer-funded Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which they advertise heavily across their global employee population, which includes manufacturing technicians and engineers working multiple shifts across a variety of time zones to project managers and accountants working more traditional 9-to-5 office shifts. 

Exacerbating the problem?

Traditional mental health services and other apps weren't suitable as they were time-intensive, and they didn't fit their employees’ lifestyles or needs.

Our EAP’s wide array of services beyond just counseling is more complex than their typical employee is willing to deal with, especially when in need of behavioral health support, said Wakefield.

The solution

AGC Biologics partnered with Litesprite to offer Sinasprite, a clinically validated game-based self-help digital therapeutic tool, to AGC Biologics employees. They started with a U.S. deployment, which allowed them to pilot the solution before implementing it globally.

As part of the introduction of this new employee benefit, Wakefield says they gave every employee their very own Socks-the-fox (pictured above) stuffed animal, representing the avatar that guides users through the mobile mental wellness game, along with a card instructing employees how to use the tool.


AGC Biologics invested in the Sinasprite app to solve three challenges:

  1. Employee burnout – already an issue pre-pandemic but exacerbated by the pandemic

  2. How to provide a simple, easy-to-adopt employee benefit to support mental wellbeing

  3. Identifying a benefit that could be utilized by the entire employee population

As with any employer-sponsored benefit, the proof is in utilization and improved employee outcomes.

  • 21% of employees enrolled in the app

  • After six weeks, 30.5% of enrolled employees were engaging with the app for 26 minutes, on average, twice a week – 10x the industry average

  • And after 12 weeks, 14.3% of enrolled employees were still engaging with the app 

  • Employees indicated they enjoyed managing their mental health with Sinasprite, and even better for AGC Biologics, they became more productive

“Our executives started using it, too, which was a plus,” said Wakefield.

In addition to increasing employee engagement with their employer-sponsored behavioral health benefits, the aggregated anonymized data provided AGC Biologics’ HR team with real-time employee insights they could use to tailor EAP communications to promote aspects of the EAP benefit those employees needed when they needed it.

“It’s nice that these programs can work together to help employees improve their mental wellbeing,” she said.

AGC Biologics’ recommendations for other employers on what mental health tools work

In her conversation with Surve, when it comes to mental health tools, Wakefield says first and foremost “we know we need them.”

Here’s what works for their diverse employee population:

  1. Find a tool – or tools – like Sinasprite that fit employees’ lifestyles and needs, particularly ones that are on-demand and only require a few minutes

  2. Ensure these tools offer a safe and secure experience to garner trust

  3. Find solutions that are clinically validated, so you know your investment is going to help employees

  4. Game-based interactive experiences are more appealing to employees than more traditional, instructional approaches

  5. Finally, no matter what tool or benefit you choose, ongoing communication and executive support is critical for sustained employee engagement

Interested in bringing Sinasprite to your company?

Litesprite is offering a disruptive approach to delivering a tried-and-tested treatment modality that your employees can use with or without traditional clinical treatment modalities (e.g., therapy).

Your entire global workforce – and their loved ones – can access this benefit TODAY.

Please contact us at to request more information about their employer reporting program and straightforward PMPM pricing.

Are you a benefits consultant?

We are already a preferred vendor for some of the more well-known consultancies in the United States, and we’d be happy to partner with you, too. Please contact us at to explore ways we can help you help your clients.

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