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Improved mental health in just minutes a day.

Litesprite’s flagship product, Sinasprite, is the first clinically-validated mental health mobile game designed to be a self-help tool to address anxiety, depression, PTSD, and substance abuse.

Changing the game in employee health and wellness benefits

Once the domain of benefits managers, today's top CEOs and CHROs are driving the adoption of differentiated employer-sponsored health and wellness benefits like ours as a key strategy toward strengthening culture and attracting and retaining top talent.


Proven clinical results

Mulitple peer-reviewed studies found playing Sinasprite 5 minutes weekly over 6 weeks, delivered clinically relevant outcomes.



Family friendly experience

Our holistic approach appeals to multi-generations, introducing all ages to a range of evidence-based skills and lifelong compensatory strategies.


Organizational insights

Our anonymized data helps senior leaders identify hotspots in their organizations so they can collaborate with managers to customize and optimize strategies to support their staff.


Reach people who are unresponsive to therapy

Whether it is lack of access due to personal circumstance, stigma, or an unappealing experience, Sinasprite has proven to reach those who need help the most but don't respond or engage in therapy, including underserved populations such as rural communities and low-income folks. It complements and fills a gap left by traditional mental health services.


Tackle employee burnout

HR teams in hybrid and remote work environment use or unique anonymized data offers to gain real time insights into employee-identified support needs that surveys do not surface.


Bridge critical care gaps cost effectively

The 71.9% nationwide provider shortage means medical benefits, EAP, and telehealth options are struggling to fill the care gap. Self-help tools like ours play an important role to provide immediate and easy access to mental health support.

By the numbers


people helped


achieved meaningful clinical outcomes


players recommend us


of active players over 30


above enrollment, engagement, and retention benchmarks


of sessions occurred outside hours of therapy


global health awards

Meeting players where they are

We offer clinically-validated, inclusive games, which empower self-management of chronic conditions for a happier, healthier life.


Latest clinical findings

Players with moderate to severe anxiety or depression reported the most improvement. This is important because clinicians tell us that this population has a hard time showing up to therapy but is open to using an intervention on their phone.

Our take on how government can best to address the mental health crisis

In response to this year's State of the Union address, we think the Biden-Harris Administration can accelerate mental health access and deliver better outcomes by going beyond traditional solutions.


Addressing underserved and historically marginalized communities

The Commerce Department partnered with Find Ventures to put together a diverse accelerator of founders throughout Washington state: 20% of founders identify as LGBTQ, 60% of founders are women, and 70% of the founding team identify as Black, Middle Eastern, Asian and/or LatinX.

Digital therapeutics meet health entertainment

The Puget Sound Business Journal catches up with Litesprite Founder and CEO Swatee Surve about digital health, digital therapeutics, and the intersection of health and gaming. Read more at or watch below for more information about Litesprite and our flagship mobile game, Sinasprite, following Surve's 2019 Innovator of the Year award. 

What's new with the Oracle

Recent press and announcements, as well as trends, insights, and analysis of the industries in which we play.

"I'm extremely impatient and mentally busy. What I love most is the meditation and the way it calms me down. It's so simple but so useful. I especially appreciate the simplicity of the design and the ease of use, making it great for all ages. My son is similarly impatient and active so I'm hoping I can get him to give the app a try so he can experience the same calming benefits."
Testimonial Player Logan Niles
Logan Niles, player since 2018