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Download Sinasprite mental health app

I can improve my mental health with a game on my phone?

Yup, and all you have to do is download our Sinasprite mental health app and play for three minutes a day!

A player-driven journey of self-discovery

Our Sinasprite mental health app is easy to use. You and your non-judgemental guide, Socks-the-fox, will complete mini-games to manage your stress, and deal with challenges using a variety of clinically proven techniques. 

  • Each game unlocks the next.
  • Play three minutes a day, three times a week. (Want to play more? Socks would love that!)
  • See improvement in just six weeks!

Our app works with or without a therapist

You get routine, preventive (and sometimes chronic) care for your body. Why not your mind?

Can’t find a therapist when you need one? You’re not alone. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, there’s a 71.9% nationwide shortage in mental health care health professionals to meet the needs of Americans like you who are facing mental health issues. 

We see you, and we’re here for you. 

Sinasprite is the first clinically-validated mental health mobile (video) game and is designed as a stand-alone self-help tool to address anxiety, depression, PTSD, and substance abuse.

Already have a therapist or similar provider? Let them know. With your permission, they can easily integrate the Sinasprite mental health app into your treatment plan. 


Download our Sinasprite mental health app today and manage your anxiety, depression, PTSD, or substance abuse.

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I’m ready to play.

Get started for free

Download our Sinasprite mental health app on the Apple App Store or get it on the Google Play store.

We believe everyone should be able to improve their mental health. That's why we offer a free version of Sinasprite. It includes multiple exercises in the form of minigames so you can easily learn different proven techniques including journaling, meditation, gratitude, breathing exercises, and physical exercise.

What you get with our free version

  • 2 Oracle assessments
  • Meditation sessions (5-minute time limit)
  • Painting (save up to 7 at a time)
  • 3 Journal entries a week

We're all about you and your journey of self-discovery. That doesn't mean you have to go it alone. That's why we've got Socks helping you. Socks is a fox, and Socks doesn't judge.

Pay for full features

Want to meditate more? Journal every day? Save all your paintings? Then we recommend a Sinasprite subscription.

Benefits of subscribing

  • No time limits on meditation sessions
  • Unlimited paintings
  • Unlimited journal entries
  • Full access to upcoming Gratitude and AR Butterfly Walk minigames

How to subscribe

Subscribing is simple. You can upgrade to a paid version in the app itself. Payment is handled through your iTunes or Google Play account, depending on which store you use to get the app. And to make it flexible for you, your needs, and your situation, we offer both monthly and annual subscriptions.


  • $14.99 per month
  • $119.99 per year (get 4 months free and save $60)

*These prices are for users based in the United States purchasing individual subscriptions. Pricing may vary by location.

Ask your employer

Are you currently employed by a business headquartered in the United States? Do you receive employer-sponsored health and wellness benefits?

If yes, you're lucky and you're not alone. Around 49% of Americans rely on employer-sponsored health insurance to care for their mental and physical health of themselves and their families.

Please contact your benefits administrator to see if your company is one of the forward-thinking organizations that are offering our Sinasprite mental health app as part of their benefits package.

If they are, they'll be happy to share information with you on how to sign up and whether there is any cost-sharing involved.