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About us

Gathering at the intersection of digital health, therapeutics, and gaming
to deliver clinically validated mobile games for players of all ages.


Gaming with a purpose

We’re a Pacific Northwest health tech startup. You could also say we’re a mobile game developer. Or even a digital therapeutics manufacturer. But mostly, we’re passionate about helping people help themselves live happier, healthier lives.

Our players tell us we've saved their lives. 

And that's why we do what we do, how we do it. Improving the mental health of our neighbors — especially those of us who are underserved or underrepresented or both — is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

And we're just getting started.

On the frontier of a new industry

We've been at the intersection of health and entertainment since 2013 when our founder, Swatee Surve, predicted digital health would become a game-changer (excuse the pun) and built a clinically-validated mental health mobile game.

That game, Sinasprite, is now commercially available and is the only one recommended by clinicians and insurance companies. For the inroads we've made, we've received more than 25 global health innovation awards, including the distinction of being the first mobile game to win a U.S. Surgeon General Award.

I've been thinking about digital health before there was a term for it.

Meeting people where they are

Like any form of entertainment, gaming can be an enjoyable way to escape (or cope with) the everyday stressors in our lives. Or to find community in isolation.

In 2011, science caught up, concluding, across more than 40 peer-reviewed studies, that gaming could, under the right conditions, improve health outcomes.

Ten years later, we're still one of the only companies engaging with players in this way. Aging alongside them. Playing next to them on the bus to work. Hanging out with our friend Socks-the-fox, knowing it's ok to not be ok.

Play on.


Meet the leaders, advisors, investors, and advocates who have contributed to the Litesprite journey.

Swatee Surve Avatar

Swatee Surve

CEO and Founder

Award-winning health care innovator and thought leader with a track record for successful (and disruptive) technology-based healthcare businesses


Loren Anderson

Chief Technology Officer

From start ups all the way to Fortune 50, Loren's lifelong passion for technology has evolved into a professional mission to solve business problems with software.

Sarah Danzo Avatar

Sarah Danzo, Ph.D.

Alumni + Advisor

Clinical Psychology Postdoctoral Fellow passionate about combining research, practice, and policy to promote accessible and effective mental health services for all.

Avatar Robert Mervine

Robert Mervine

Alumni + Advisor

Known for his ability to cultivate innovation technical solutions and lead creative teams, Robert has designed and delivered software and data systems for business, nonprofits, and government agencies. 

Avatar Sean Watson

Sean Watson

Alumni + Advisor

An in-demand artist who created games and engaging consumer experiences for global brands like Disney and Xbox

Avatar Shefali Haldar

Shefali Haldar, Ph.D.

Alumni + Advisor

Experienced human-centered design researcher focused on digital mental health; has provided notable academic contributions in the field of human-computer interaction

Avatar David Cooper

David Cooper, Psy.D.

Alumni + Advisor

Clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist with an emphasis in digital therapeutics who managed the largest behavioral-health app portfolio in Department of Defense history; currently directs global mental health at Teladoc Health

Taraneh Fultz Avatar

Taraneh Fultz, APR


Third-generation health care industry professional, award-winning mentor, and marketing veteran committed to affordable preventive and behavioral health care

Avatar Kevin Bosen

Kevin Boesen


Former SinfoniaRx CEO and current chief sales officer at Tabula Rasa Healthcare

Avatar Ted Tanase

Ted Tanase


Founder of Ensocare, software to improve a hospital's patient discharge process, reducing unwanted re-hospitalizations

Avatar Jeanne Kehren

Jeanne Kehren


SVP Digital & Commercial Innovation and CIO at Bayer Pharmaceuticals

Avatar Brent McDonald

Brent McDonald


SVP, Employer Solutions and Strategy at Vanderbilt University Medical Center's  Office of Population Health

Avatar Bryan Foster

Bryan Foster, LMFT


First clinician to prescribe Sinasprite to patients; has more than a decade of working with active-duty military, children, adolescents, and adults, and specializes in trauma and positive parenting


Sherwin Colter, Ph.D.


National Alliance on Mental Illness’ 2010 Psychologist of the Year, former co-director of the Free Mental Health Clinic in Olympia, Wash.; specialized in trauma, anxiety, and depression for more than 40 years

Strategic investors

We are thankful for the support of organizations and accelerators who actively seek diverse perspectives.


Litesprite's loot

We've won 25+ global health innovation awards, and our flagship product, Sinasprite, is the first to win a U.S. Surgeon General Award.


Diversity is in our DNA

Here at Litesprite, we meet our customers where they are, facilitating their journey toward happier, healthier lives. It's what led us to create a new industry — healthcare entertainment — and to be leaders in an emerging field — digital therapeutics. We've built a small but mighty team of diverse people who are passionate about our quest. Our team is more interested in the merits of an idea than in whose mouth it came from. In working across disciplines. In not letting perfect be the enemy of good. Because all that nonsense pulls us from our purpose (and isn't great for our own mental health).

If this makes your face light up, please reach out to us. We know you're not perfect. Neither are we! Jobs can be created. Skills can be developed. But culture fit? It's like friendship chemistry: You either have it or you don't. And if you have it? It's time for you to join our clan.

What are some of the more tangible benefits of joining Litesprite? For starters, a seriously flexible, remote work schedule. We have colleagues and customers across the globe, so even though the majority of our leadership team operates in Pacific Standard Time, it doesn't matter to us if you're your best self at 3 p.m. or 3 a.m. We care about outcomes, not when you're AFK.

Even more important, Sinasprite, our flagship mobile game, is a player-driven world exploration game that enables people to self-manage their mental health. A passion for mental health is what brought many of us to Litesprite, and with nearly 1 in 5 adults struggling with mental health issues, we all know at least one person who is part of that struggle. Finding that person can even be as simple as looking in the mirror. Our working environment reflects that, and our team members are encouraged to take time for self-care and to take mental health days, as needed.

Litesprite is an Equal Opportunity Employer and a woman- and minority-owned business. Our workforce is reflective of the gamers we serve, and we aim to keep it that way as we grow. We encourage any and all people from underrepresented and/or underserved to apply.


Our supporters

We're a frontier healthcare technology solution, and being the first anything can be lonely. Thanks to those who've helped our clan.