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Sinasprite is a Family Friendly Tool

Sinasprite’s design is accessible to a wide variety of people. The app’s helpful sidekick, Socks the Fox, helps kids and adults along as they journey into a world of mindfulness, gratitude, and self-reflection. The straightforward, soothing design of the game creates a space where people are safe to begin confronting their mental health challenges.

  • Retention rates for users aged 14 to 19 were two times above the industry average
  • Retention rates for users aged 20 to 24 were three times above the industry average. 

The app has shown wonderful results for a huge variety of participants. In an article with Beyond Games,  Swatee Surve, CEO and founder of Litesprite, discusses Sinasprite and its multiple uses and benefits.

The game's sleek design and user-friendly interface encourages kids as young as four years old to people well into their 60s to engage in mental health self-help practices. Users of all ages love Socks the Fox and the tools that he guides participants through.


"I like foxy" — Mila, 4

Mila's artwork inspired by meditation time with Socks.

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