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Sinasprite as an Organizational Reporting Tool

Many employees struggle with burnout. It's a difficult issue to address, and it's one that's been compounded during the pandemic. Remote and hybrid environments present a new challenge for employees. In fact, studies have shown that 41% of employees have reported that they’re more burned out than they were a year ago, and 35% of employees are hesitant to discuss this burnout with their bosses.
Traditional tools for assisting in mental health wellbeing have proven largely ineffective. Surveys are time-consuming and are often disregarded by employees. Finding ways to support employees in the workplace means imagining new methods for solving burnout. 
Litesprite's platform, Sinasprite, presents a unique solution to this problem. The app gives employers relevant data and insights to address this problem in a much more accurate and effective way than the traditional approach of employee feedback. Sinasprite provides employers and HR teams with the tools to be more intentionally responsive to employee needs. 

Using Sinasprite has provided employees and employers with invaluable support. Litesprite data also helps companies to relevantly highlight other assistance programs in a timely fashion.

“It’s nice that these programs can work together to help employees improve their mental wellbeing,”
Sarah Wakefield, the Senior Director of the Global Marketing and Employer Brand, AGC Biologics.