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Turn poor mental health into work place wealth

It’s no secret that good mental health makes work life easier. However, this is not a luxury we can all easily afford. This does not mean it is impossible to achieve a positive job experience while dealing with poor mental health. Instead, our mental health can actually be used as a tool to help us succeed in a work environment. 

“Without those low points, I wouldn’t have thought to look closer at my moods on workdays,” reports Leanna Lee a journalist for Zapier who investigated different ways their mental health has forced them to become creative to become successful in a professional environment. 

In Lee’s recent article, they shared tips and tricks for those that struggle with mental health and how to use them to your advantage. This includes broad ideas such as being more self-aware to more specific suggestions including understanding your circadian rhythm and utilizing spreadsheets to better increase productivity in your work days.

“Caring for my wellness means constantly striving to do well, for my clients and for myself,” writes Lee. “I can now plan for the bad days and enjoy the good ones in a business that’s built for me.”